The Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy Security (CASES) Partnership is an international research initiative involving northern and Indigenous communities as well as public and private sectors with project partners in Canada, Sweden, Norway, and the United States (Alaska). The goal of the CASES Partnership is to reimagine energy security in northern and Indigenous communities by co-creating and brokering knowledge, understanding, and capacity to design, implement and manage renewable energy systems. Research into human capacity needs, ownership structures and governance arrangements are critical to achieving long-term viability of renewable energy projects in Indigenous and remote communities. Investment in the renewable energy sector provides an enormous opportunity to address local energy needs, increase quality of life and overall human security and meet regional, national and international emissions targets



CASES facilitates research production across key areas in community-based renewable energy development


CASES creates platforms of knowledge and innovation exchange between partners and “sister communities”, which contributes to long-term sustainable energy security


CASES will develop a new generation of interdisciplinary researchers, policy makers, and practitioners to transform energy systems and promote sustainable energy patterns in northern and Indigenous communities