Inuvik is a town in Northwest Territories, hosting the regional office of the Inuvik Region or the Beaufort Delta region. Inuvik is located in Gwich'in Settlement Region as well as Inuvialuit Settlement Region. The town has a population of ~3100 and is the biggest such community in the region. It is connected by air and connects to the Dempster Highway across the rivers. Inuvik is served by NTPC mainly using Natural gas (7.7 MW) and Diesel (7.8 MW) based generators. Solar PV installations are also growing in the community.

Energy Use & Generation

Diesel and Natural gas serve around 5000 kW of electrical load, and heating oil, firewood and wood-pellets together meet the town's heating needs.

Energy Experiences

High energy bills faced by households is the primary energy security challenge

Geography & Climate

Sub-arctic climate with wet cool summers and frigid long winters. Year round cloudy.

Community Infrastructure & Demography

With over 1200 dwellings, the town also has many amenities like multiple grocery stores, hotels and lodges, a bank, and restaurants.

Energy Initiatives & Local Capacity

Growing Solar PV installation in town. Inuvik also has a energy conservation policy for all the buildings.