Aklavik Energy Initiatives & Local Capacity

NTPC went live with Innovus Power's Variable Speed Generator (VSG) Project in Aklavik

Innovus' 590kW converter-based VSG platform is now providing power to over 300 households in Aklavik, and is anticipated to save the community approximately 80,000 liters of fuel annually. Innovus' technology has seamlessly integrated with the existing 52kW solar PV system, and will enable the community to incorporate more renewable energy sources in Aklavik."

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Local Capacity & Programs

Community Involvement Human Capital and Energy literacy Energy Programs
Community Energy Plan (last updated in 2017), with specific goals Managers for a VSG plant, solar water heater manager, solar electricity systems manager hired from the community Capital Asset Retrofit Program
Energy Champions Aurora college involved in community education and training AEA funding for energy efficiency
Alternative Energy Technologies Program
Commercial Energy Conservation and Efficiency Program (CECEP)
Energy Efficiency Incentive Program (EEIP)