Aklavik is located on the west side of the Mackenzie Delta and is accessible by ice road during the winter and by air and boat during the rest of the year. Until 1961, Aklavik served as the administrative centre for the NWT government. It has a population of over 600 and minimal community infrastructure. Aklavik is known as the muskrat capital of the world and muskrats are still hunted and trapped today. Aklavik relies on a diesel generator plant for electricity and has some solar PV installed in the community. With this capacity,the community has used up its allowable capacity for the microgrid. Most buildings are heated primarily with heating oil, although some firewood gets used in residential buildings.

Energy Use & Generation

Serving ~300 kW demand load, Aklavik primarily relies on a diesel-based electricity supplemented by renewable energy (Solar PV)

Energy Experiences

Most households rely on more than one fuel for space heating

Geography & Climate

Subarctic climate with cold winters and mild summers. Risk of freezing any time of the year.

Community Infrastructure and Demography

Community of ~600 people is served by air and has winter road access.

Energy Initiatives & Local Capacity

New Variable Speed Generator (VSG) diesel plant able to better integrate the installed solar PV (52 kW) systems. CERRC supported biomass heating system also being planned.