Galena is situated on the north bank of the Yukon River, 270 air miles west of Fairbanks. It serves as a regional hub for approximately ten villages in Interior Alaska. The town has a population of 500 and is divided into two distinct sections – Old Town, which is the original townsite, and New Town. Due to its low-lying location on the banks of the Yukon, Old Town is frequently subject to seasonal flooding, especially during spring break up. The town faces climate typical for Interior Alaska, with cold dry winters and cool summers.

Energy Use & Generation

Serving ~560 kW demand load, Galena primarily relies on a 4.6MW diesel generation plant for its electricity needs

Energy Experiences

Despite a regional hub, Galena's energy experience is very different from bigger Alaskan cities like Fairbanks or Anchorage

Geography & Climate

Climate typical for Interior Alaska, with extremely cold relatively dry winters

Community Infrastructure & Demography

Was home to a former US Airforce base

Energy Initiatives & Local Capacity

A successful bioenergy plant serving the school district