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living with uncertainty

I view our house as a metaphor for a spaceship, when you live here in the winter you have to be prepared for anything to break down, go wrong, so I try to have spares, backups, alternatives for almost everything.

...if prices do go up for electricity and utilities,they would have to move because of the price


You better have a good job, it's pretty high cost compared even to Fairbanks. Fairbanks is probably a third of the cost for fuel
.....just one working household and it was expensive and hard trying to buy fuel at a hundred gallons, so you're looking at almost 600 bucks for a hundred gallons at the time


We need to learn how to perfect the diesel microgrid model for wind and solar in the interior and get that to where it's supported, it can be maintained by the local people, and it can be functional.
I aspire to a zero energy house, basically off-grid. It's much easier and less expensive here to use grid tie panels so that's where we’re gonna start but I think it's doable

I’d like to see the wood harvest change into something that is more like value-added products instead of just burning it for heat

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